Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

With the warmer weather this week, snow is starting melt up in the mountains. It's not a lot though, being its only 50 here in the valley area, but I went by the lake today and the water level is higher than it was a few weeks ago. 


 Even though this picture was taken in April of last year, I thought I'd use it for this week's "throwback" as a reminder that this sight isn't very far from now!

Its always real neat to go down to the dam in early spring/ late summer, because there is a lotta wata goin' through that. Luckily for me, it's right down the street! Cute park with little historical landmarks to read about and the whole bit.

What do you look for in your area 
when anticipating Spring?


   Blogger Help!...

Do you notice your pictures having a slight over-exposed/brightened look when they are posted compared to when you view elsewhere on your PC? 
I do! :/

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  1. That's a pretty photo! I love to go down there.

    I haven't noticed that with my photos, but I will start paying more attention to that now to find out if that happens!