Thursday, February 6, 2014


The day after Wednesday and day before Friday. (In case you forgot, of course *wink*)
Kind of a just a mediocre day for me. Friday and Saturday are usually always filled with activities, Sunday is always very busy being filled with church services or ministering at the nursing home, Monday is usually a recovery day from the weekend's running around and get some home stuff done, Tuesday and Wednesday I'm really ready to get stuff accomplished, then there is Thursday...blank and with no purpose. 

I don't have my own house or family, but to get in the habit of cleaning, cooking, and other duties now while it's not as demanding...I do think it is a crucial habit to get into if one has the hopes of being a homemaker for her family later...but I'm finding Thursday to now be the Cleaning Day. Sure, everyday is a cleaning day, but I'm not mopping up the floors everyday! I'd like to have a scheduled cleaning list..each day doing something different, but this is seeming to work effectively...using it just as the day to wash the rugs, do a bit of a deeper clean in the bathrooms, and mop, mop, mop. The laundry room, in front of the door, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, and hall are all hardwood or linoleum. Good grief.
Plus, then the house is inviting for my uncle who comes over on the weekends and then I can have it already checked off to do my own stuff.

My body (and even mind) thanks me.

And having something with a handle makes life so much easier, just so you know. This little expense was literally one of the best decisions. 

Also, with it being Thursday... it's Throwback Thursday!!
One of my favorite pictures!
My grandparents lived in Texas while we lived in Idaho and they usually made an annual trip to see family and just go on vacation. Hats, fishing poles, chairs... the whole thing. I always looked forward to fishing with grandpa. ♥

I might as well add that we have about 7-8 inches of snow from this week and bitter temps. Every one in the area was just sure we would have a harsh winter, but this is actually the most snow we've had all year, I believe. And actually sticking around for awhile. Doors and windows are freezing shut and the roads are real fun. Saw a -2* after midnight last night, but saw reports of even getting to -5*. Only hitting the teens today.

Have you found any daily cleaning habits that work well?
What's a favorite memory?
Snow? Sun? Clouds? Ice? What's going on where you are?!